A Color Green

May 20, 2015


A Color Green is a NYC based film maker, animator and illustrator. His crude, abstract cartoonish stickers and prints can be seen all over the streets of New York. He is a multi-talented, multi-faceted artistic mastermind. A Color Green is a working artist that also happens to use marijuana to help facilitate his creative process. With his mind open he is able to explore new and innovative concepts. He was kind enough to take our PMO survey and explain his relationship with smoking and how it relates to his artistic process.


PMO: When did you first notice your artistic abilities?

A Color Green: I’ve always been interested in art. It started with film at an early age, but I’ve always drawn or doodled as well. Once High School and College came around I was taking fine art classes while also working in film production and writing on the side. Coming out of this kind of creative cluster-fuck, A Color Green was born.

When did you get into smoking weed?

Junior year in high school. Two of my best friends were already smoking and my other homie and I would rip on them for listening to jam-band music and being ‘stoners’. That obviously didn’t last long. Though, I still stick away from the jam-band tunes.

When did you first realize that smoking weed could help/enhance your creativity or creative process?

Probably not too long after I started smoking, somewhere in that first year I caught myself in the midst of a literal writing daze, staring at a flashing line on my computer, waiting for the next words to come. I’ve always been a bit of an introvert, but smoking certainly took it a step further. Instead of handing in the standard still life portraits for art class, I started getting high and re-drawing scenes out of Kill Bill or Charlie Chaplin flicks. I began to find interest in unintended abstractions.

Has cannabis ever helped you to collaborate or network with other artists?

Yes. Sometimes it’s just about breaking the ice with someone you’ve never met before – getting on the same wavelength. Sometimes, it’s the opposite; maybe I’m not sure if someone smokes and don’t want to come across as the unprofessional I probably am. It always depends on the setting and with whom you’re working. 9 times out of 10, when I meet a street artist they’re down to smoke. When I’m working on a film set I’ll wait for the crew to break before taking my own inhale and probably wouldn't publicize it quite as much.

What is your favorite method of getting high? (Smoking, vaporizer, edibles?)

Simple smoking;Joints, Swishers, Dutchmasters.

Who are some other cannabis advocates that inspire you?

From my earliest influencers to today; I think it’s been a blend of literature, hip-hop and comedy. Kerouac and the Beat Generation, Bill Clinton, Three 6 Mafia, UGK and the Dirty Third, Big L, Biggie and East Coast, Seth Rogen, The Lucas Brothers and Hannibal Buress as of late.

Has being a cannabis user ever affected your life negatively?

Yep; when I was younger and not as smart as I pretend to be now, I saw a number of friends get busted by the cops. I may or may not have had my own run-ins. I’m not going to play the gateway drug BS, because anyone I know who went on to worse things did so because of their own choosing, not because a plant forced them into it. Either way, the biggest takeaway is this: smoking pot isn’t going to make you a fuckin’ martyr or ant-establishment hero. Most of the people I know who smoke on the regular do so because they find it calming and a way to self-medicate their anxieties.

How has smoking weed allowed your career as an artist to develop or grow?

I can’t remember the exact quote, but Guillermo Del Toro once spoke about his experience taking acid and how he believes every creator needs to do so. For him, it wasn’t about being a drug user or being bound to some believed vice, but instead inserting oneself into a reality they could never witness without taking the experimentation. This doesn’t mean I have any plans to start blazing up PCP, but I do believe in getting outside of one’s comfort zone. Being that I’ve kind of reached a certain comfort zone, I think it’s now more akin to me drinking coffee. It keeps me going and keeps me glued in at times I might be distracted, believe it or not.


Do you feel like you’re part of a cannabis community? If yes, please describe.

Not really, but that’s probably because I try to avoid identifying with any community in general. I smoke pot and most of my friends smoke pot, but that doesn’t define us as a whole. There is a Cannabis Community per say and most people who smoke are often times a lot more open minded than those I meet who don't.


Do you feel that bringing awareness through art and music can inspire a positive cannabis movement?

Sure. One of the beauties of art is that it’ll forever go hand in hand with politics. That said, I don’t have any immediate plans to campaign the streets for cannabis use. I think there are too many big issues in the world to sit back and campaign solely for smoking, but I do think my name and the bizarre subject matter I work with will give a good idea of how I feel.


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If you would like to check out more of A Color Green and his art, please feel free to find him on Instagram @acolorgreen. His first edition Zine, Volume 1 in Black & White, can be purchased at Printed Matter in Chelsea, New York or online at www.acolorgreen.bigcartel.com

He is also currently working on a large-scale group show featuring other artists such as; Taylor Bowen, Kristy Elena, Joe Egan, Leaf_8k and J Corp TM. The opening date for this project is still pending, but for more information regarding these artists please check out the following link; http://www.surrexitshow.com/

Lastly, if you’re interested in his work with film, you may RSVP for private screening of his short films. For any and all inquiries, commission pieces, or sticker packages, please contact A Color Green via email at mr.colorgreen@gmail.com

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