June 17, 2015



Ryan Larranaga, better known by his stage name Ryanito is a Florida based artists whose love for hip-hop his spawned a career in music. He is an intelligent, enlightened, and honest musician that is also humble and understanding. He is a radio personality, MC, producer, writer, and all around great guy.

When did you first notice your artistic abilities/passions for music?

When I was 6 or 7 and I first heard KRS One.


When did you get into smoking weed?

I started smoking when I was 13-14.


When did you first realize that smoking weed could help/enhance your creativity or creative process?

When I smoked, I always had the inclination to write lyrics and could really feel the music better.


Has cannabis ever helped you to collaborate or network with other artists?

I would say that most artists partake in the use of cannabis and I think that it helps bridge a creative gap between people by bringing them together.


What is your favorite method of getting high? (Smoking, vaporizer, edibles?)

I used to love to smoke, but as I get older I enjoy edibles more.


Who are some other cannabis advocates that inspire you?

Willie Nelson, Snoop, B-Real, Method Man and many more…


Has being a cannabis user ever affected your life negatively?

As an illegal substance, fear of persecution has made me paranoid and fearful of incarceration. Other than that I don’t believe it has impacted me negatively in any way.


How has smoking weed allowed your career as an artist to develop or grow?

I believe that smoking weed brings me to a creative center and curbs my anxieties, which allows me to feel free and grow as an artist.


Do you feel like you’re part of a cannabis community? If yes, please describe.

I am an advocate within my own community and make the public aware of the benefits. I believe especially on the medical front, cannabis should be completely legal. On my radio shows I make my stance clear to the masses.


Do you feel that bringing awareness through art and music can inspire a positive cannabis movement?

I think that art and music are the main frontier for positivity with cannabis. It proves that successful musicians and artist don’t hold the stigma of “pot smokers” and how they have been portrayed in the past is inaccurate.






For more information about Ryanito please check him out on Facebook @ Ryan Larranaga. Also check out the links below to listen to his music and to see his publication project with Funky Fresh Magazine.





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