Anthony Fox

October 26, 2015

Anthony Fox

Anthony Fox is a high energy and precise pianist and drummer from the Los Angeles area. He is a meticulously intricate musician that uses cannabis to help facilitate his creative process. Well rounded, exciting, and articulate he dominates the drums and plays with exhausting passion. He was kind enough to fill out one of our Pack Me One questioners; 

When did you first notice your artistic abilities? 

4th grade  

When did you get into smoking weed? 

6th grade  

Do you prefer indica or sativa? Do you have a favorite strain? 


When did you first realize that smoking weed could help/enhance your creativity? And how does it help with your creative process? 

In High School while creating music and soundscapes. It helps blur the lines between reality and creativity.  

Has cannabis ever helped you to meet, collaborate or network with other artists? 

Yes, both musically and socially. No matter where you came from it brings you to the same place.  

What is your favorite method of getting high? (Smoking, vaporizer, edibles?) 

Good ole joints.  

Who are some other cannabis advocates that you may respect or that have inspired you? 

Bob Marley, Jerry Garcia and most of the NBA  

Has being a cannabis user ever affected your life negatively? 

Yes. When not kept in check you can over do it and lose motivation. 

How has smoking weed allowed your career as an artist/musician to develop or grow? 

I have created/ collaborated on some of my best projects under the umbrella of getting high.  

Do you feel that bringing public awareness to cannabis inspired art and music can help lift the stigma that cannabis artists and users throughout the world might feel? 

NO. I think the health promotion will be the path to unraveling societal stigmas. It is too hard to explain to people what the creative space is without the influence of drugs. 

What do you think is the biggest misconception that anti marijuana advocates might have about cannabis users? How do you think that we can eliminate the negative outlook that non-cannabis users might have for cannabis using artists and musicians?

The biggest misconception is that smokers are lazy, unmotivated piles and while this population of stoners does exist, they also exist without weed. 

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