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Kimeny Cricket, also known as, Stoned Emotion, multi-talented artist, musician and whimsical jewelry designer from California. She typically works with molds, resin, and dyes. Her jewelry is interestingly simple and wearable. She is a silly, optimistic, kind, and generous person who can light up a room upon entry. Aside from being a passionate creative force, she is also an important advocate for cannabis and was kind enough to fill out one of our surveys. Here’s what she had to say;

When did you first notice your artistic abilities/passions for art?

I can’t remember a time where I didn’t want to create. I started with those Crayola crayons and just never stopped coloring. Guitar, singing, ceramics, painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, photography… ALL THE ARTS.

When did you get into smoking weed?

I never really enjoyed smoking weed until mid-2012. I had just moved away to go to college in another state and was alone a lot in a new place. That’s when I really started smoking. I had a lot of experiences previously with weed over a span of many years, mostly they were in social situations and whatever I smoked then was not the right strain for me. I finally got myself an indica dominant hybrid and really found myself. Haven’t gone a day without it since.


When did you first realize that smoking weed could help/enhance your creativity or creative process?

Writing all those papers in college. You really have to pull it out of your ass sometimes, ya know? Now that all that college stuff is over it has definitely fueled many creative sessions.

Has cannabis ever helped you to collaborate or network with other artists?

Can’t really say that it has. But it makes me feel like it should. There is a link between all stoners, and there is also a link between all artists. In this way we are double-linked.


What is your favorite method of getting high? (Smoking, vaporizer, edibles?)

I love smoking. Joints or a bong are preferred. I’ve been smoking a lot of prerolls from medicone lately. I also love that you can get cartridges now, it’s good for when you aren’t home and you want to be discreet. Edibles are also good for certain moods. I LOOOOOVE the Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate bar. Yuuuuummmmmmm. So basically all of the methods. I should have just answered “Yes.”... I regularly use all methods.

Who are some other cannabis advocates that inspire you?

If it were at all possible I would love to go back in time and get high with Carl Sagan. He cites marijuana for having a better knowledge of himself. And I feel exactly the same way. Also, how cool would it be to get high and craft with Martha Stewart?


Has being a cannabis user ever affected your life negatively?

No. Since I started smoking Marijuana I graduated from College and started my own business. And also I am more empathetic, kind, understanding, forgiving, easy going, and optimistic. So, it really helped me become the best version of myself I could be.

How has smoking weed allowed your career as an artist to develop or grow?

Artistic freedom flows with use of marijuana. I can’t explain it exactly. It kind of clears out the cobwebs, allows your thoughts to flow into something tangible. It has also given me a little confidence and drive.

Do you feel like you’re part of a cannabis community?

Yes, it’s the connection between stoners. I have a day job at a medical marijuana collective. Working there is amazing. These are just good people who want Americans to have safe access and for medical patients to have the medicine they need to live their lives happily.

Do you feel that bringing awareness through art and music can inspire a positive cannabis movement?

Absolutely. Unfortunately most open stoners aren’t really doing a great job shedding a positive light on the beauty that smoking marijuana can inspire. I’m slowly becoming more open about my use. It’s hard when you have jobs and family members you worry won’t understand. But we must be ourselves and be unapologetic about it.



For more information on Kimeny Cricket and her designs, please check her out on

@kimenycricket on Instagram

@stonedemotion on Instagram




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Doug Landers
Doug Landers

November 16, 2015

Thanks for sharing this awesome interview Raven! I’ve known Kimmy my whole life and you have neatly summed up how awesome she is.

Jorge H. Salazar
Jorge H. Salazar

November 16, 2015

From one stoner to another, Excellent!! :)

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