Lucky Boy SF

December 14, 2015

Lucky Boy SF

Lucky Boy SF is a visual artist and photographer from the San Francisco Bay area. His unique ability to take any landscape and digitally transform it into something enchanting is beyond anything that I've ever seen before. His lens captures the most interesting of architectural, reflective, and urban landscape details. He is a kind-hearted and soft spoken gentleman that lets his work speaks for itself. Lucky Boy SF is both an artist and professional and at times has to keep his smoking very private; he speaks about the conflict below.

What makes you feel like you cannot be open about your cannabis use? What factors contribute to your desire to keep your cannabis use private?

I have a stable job at a respectable law firm in the city.

Is marijuana legal in the area in which you reside?

Yes, it is for medical patience only.

Privately, or in a non-work related social sector, do you identify as a cannabis user?


When did you first notice your artistic abilities?

I noticed my abilities around 12 or 13 years old.

When did you get into smoking weed?

Around 17 years old.



Do you prefer indica or sativa? Do you have a favorite strain?

I prefer Sativa, purple for taste.

When did you first realize that smoking weed could help/enhance your creativity? And how does it help with your creative process?

As a hobby, I like to illustrate or draw. Weed helps me brainstorm beyond what I would normally think of doing and drawing.

Has cannabis ever helped you to meet, collaborate or network with other artists?

It has helped me to meet some cool cats at various concerts and venues.



What is your favorite method of getting high? (Smoking, vaporizer, edibles?)

I typically like smoking out, but I also like edibles for the long body highs that they provide.

Who are some other cannabis advocates that you may respect or that have inspired you?

B-Real, Method Man, and Snoop Dogg.

Has being a cannabis user ever affected your life negatively?

Only in terms of the occasional bout of laziness.

How has smoking weed allowed your career as an artist/musician to develop or grow?

It has a calming affect that allows me to focus more on my work.



Do you feel that bringing public awareness to cannabis inspired art and music can help lift the stigma that cannabis artists and users throughout the world might feel?

I believe that it would.


What do you think is the biggest misconception that anti marijuana advocates might have about cannabis users? How do you think that we can eliminate the negative outlook that non-cannabis users might have for cannabis using artists and musicians?

I always hear people say that it's a gateway drug but I don't see it as such.



*To see more from LuckyBoy SF please check him out on Instagram @luckyboysf

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