Jude Lobasso

January 25, 2016

Jude Lobasso


Jude Lobasso is a true to heart artist from Long Island, New York. He loves the process of making and creating art; he can take any thought or idea and turn it into a fun new project. His work is honest, reactive and expressive. His style is loose but fun. He is a caring and respectful person that truly values art in its many different forms. Jude has several independent projects and collaborations that he is currently working on. His work can be seen through various Sticker Social Club events or through his own artist pages and sites. Jude and his wife are also producing a Zine that will showcase the many talented artists that they know and work with, the Zine will be released later this quarter. As busy as he is, he was kind enough to fill out one of our surveys, here's what he had to say;


When did you first notice your artistic abilities?

I started messing around with art after seeing graffiti in my town when I was like 12 or so. In high school I was put in a program for the “throw away” kids, there I was able to meet a wonderful teacher who helped me gain a real love for all art; His name was Mr. Johnson, if it wasn’t for him I never would have pursued art in any form, nor would I have graduated.



When did you get into smoking weed?

I started smoking in 11th grade, and it became a constant in my life; that was around 96' or 97'.


Do you prefer indica or sativa? Do you have a favorite strain?

I live in NY, so I’m pretty much at the mercy of the dealers. You get what they get and it sucks. For the last year or so, I’ve its dabs of shatter.



When did you first realize that smoking weed could help/enhance your creativity? And how does it help with your creative process?

For me, getting high helps with everything. As far as the creative process goes, it just helps me mellow out and stay focused.




Has cannabis ever helped you to meet, collaborate or network with other artists?

Sure, show up anywhere with some bud and any other smoker will sit and talk with you while ya smoke... At least most will, some people are dicks.



What is your favorite method of getting high?

For group settings it’s always nice to smoke a blunt. But when I’m at home and I’m feeling like, “Let’s get fucked up and make some shit happen,” I grab the torch and rig and dab that shit up.



Who are some other cannabis advocates that you may respect or that have inspired you?

The guys who did the union are awesome. Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir are two great comics that also show support to the marijuana community.


Has being a cannabis user ever affected your life negatively?

Yes, I live in New York and its not legal here yet. I have been arrested, been pulled out of my car and detained while I was illegally searched. This has also forced me to me to go through black market dealers which afforded me the opportunity to get harder drugs, not saying that I would have done harder, or as I refer to them "Real Drugs," it’s just that having to go to the black market opened doors that wouldn't normally have been available to me.



Do you feel that bringing public awareness to cannabis inspired art and music can help lift the stigma that cannabis artists and users throughout the world might feel?

Maybe, but at this point if you have some moral issue with people smoking’ pot, then you’re an asshole. The sooner that people understand its benefits, the sooner the world will be a better place. That might sound harsh but if a kid who has a 100 seizures a day can get relief through a fucking plant that won’t further poison him, then it should be an option. And if you have an issue with me getting high and watching TV, then fuck you.



What do you think is the biggest misconception that anti marijuana advocates might have about cannabis users? How do you think that we can eliminate the negative outlook that non-cannabis users might have for cannabis using artists and musicians?

The biggest misconception is that pot makes you lazy. I’m lazy as fuck but I do a dab and then that shit makes me want to make some shit happen.


For more information on Jude please check him out on Instagram, @judelobasso


For details on, Become a Pal of Jude and Val Zine information or contribution inquiries, please check out Instagram as well @becomeapalofjudeandval

Or email them at, becomeapalofjudeandval@gmail.com

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