PMO - Celebrating Creativity Through Cannabis 

PMO began as as a simple acronym used amongst friends as an easy greeting to let your best bud know that you would very much like to partake in the smoking of a bowl  - “PACK ME ONE!”   Over the years, the virality of PMO seemed to be increasing at an alarming rate.  But it wasn’t until July 2014 that founders Lenny Ducano and DJ Silly Kid decided it was time to take it worldwide.

Initially, the idea was to just launch a clothing line and take advantage of their ties within the cannabis and music scene, but that idea quickly morphed into something far greater than either of them could ever imagine.  After doing an initial design with legendary graffiti artist and MC, Awol One, an open proponent of cannabis, they began to realize how much fun it was to be working with like-minded people and creating a product that they really felt represented themselves as well as a much larger, unspoken community, to which they were both a part of - the creative cannabis community.  It was then that it dawned on them that no one was really pushing to make the general public aware that, aside from its beneficial medicinal properties, cannabis can also open outlets of the mind to create awe-inspiring music and art of all forms.




That’s when we decided we wanted PMO to be a company, or rather, more of a collective of artists within the cannabis community who find creativity through cannabis.  

By approaching from this angle, we hope we can help lift the stigma, unfounded bias, and even discrimination the cannabis community has felt and still feels to this day.  Our goal is to achieve this by creating a community of artists, musicians, producers, MC’s, and all other forms of artists who find a creative outlet through cannabis, as well as giving them a platform to share their work and enjoy the work of others like them.  Aside from showcasing these artists through their designs on our clothing, we also want the world to see what these artists are like in person, and also what their creative process is like through interviews and public Q & A’s.

As the catch phrase inevitably began to pick up momentum, so did the company.  Long time friend and current roommate, Mike Clifford (or as we call him, "Yaga"), decided he no longer wanted to work for anyone but himself.  Having an invaluable set of skills that were desperately needed, Yaga quickly joined the team along with legendary MC, B-Real from Cypress Hill, and his manager Enas Barkho aka Hairy Gordy.  The 5 now proudly make up the core of PMO, which we have already expanded into the world of distribution, and will soon be venturing into many other realms of the industry.

As our community grows, we hope more and more people will come to accept and even embrace the creative benefits of cannabis.  At the same time, we also aim to set an example ourselves by showing the world that a beautiful thing, like this site, all started with a little PMO.